Cyclix's Inter-Connect VAR Partner Program

As a telecommunications Valued Added reseller (VAR) today you are likely facing a difficult situation if you are selling PBX's and telephone key-sets. The marketplace has not seen any significant roll-out of new telephone PBX or key systems in the last 8 or 9 years due to the economic situation at hand. This has resulted in many small and medium sized businesses continuing to use old outdated systems that should have been upgraded or replaced years ago.

Unfortunately for the VAR, what many SMBs are now looking to do is decommission their old PBX or key-set and replace it with Hosted VoIP services.  This is unfortunate, for both your business, and your customers.  

With hosted VoIP you no longer have a piece of telecom gear to sell and maintain for the client, as that is the whole panacea offered by the hosted VoIP industry. i.e. eliminate the phone system and its cost.

What’s unfortunate for the end user is hosted VoIP is in general a sub-par product. It is riddled with voice quality problems, security problems, and WAN/LAN firewall/integration problems. But the trouble is the client doesn’t understand the technology pitfalls, gets roped into the hosted VoIP telecom contract, and then suffers the consequences.

You as the vendor have lost the sale, and the client has gotten stuck with a poorly performing product that they cannot back out of due to contract obligations. Everyone but the hosted VoIP vendor loses.

So What To Do?

Cyclix’s Solution to Hosted VoIP for the VAR

Cyclix offers both the vendor, and the client, a solution to the dilemma at hand.  VoIP is here to stay, and it will replace the current TDM switched telecom technologies.  The cost efficiencies of VoIP simply dictate that outcome.

 But VoIP services need to be engineered correctly to give results that are at least as good as what the old technology had offered. Thus far hosted VoIP industry has failed to deliver on that concept.

 The core reasons for this are…

  • With Hosted VoIP there is no engineered last mile Quality of Service at the customer premise.
  • With hosted VoIP there is no “On Sight Intelligence” to handle firewall traversal and security issues.
  • With Hosted VoIP many features taken for granted in the old systems are gone.

 Cyclix has three core products that address all of the above shortcoming, and at that same time allow a telecom interconnect vendor to make a generous monthly re-occurring commission on the sale and deployment.  Further, Cyclix’s VoIP product s will fully meet and satisfy a customer’ needs and expectations, all at no capital expense, as is the case with today's hosted VoIP products today.

The Cyclix Products

Tangent™-  A managed VoIP Gateway and VoIP Session Boarder Controller (SBC) solution

  • Allows legacy TDM and analog keysets and PBXs to seamlessly migrate to VoIP, and so keep current equipment investment in tact and in service.
  • QoS/Security/Firewall issues solved.
  • All telecom services provided by Cyclix.
  • Managed by Cyclix and the Cyclix dealer.
  • A no capital expense offering for the client.
  • A generous monthly commission paid out to the Cyclix dealer.
  • Offers a roadmap for the Cyclix dealer to upsell to Business-Connect™.

Business-Connect ™- A fully Managed Bundled  IP-PBX, SBC, and Telecom Service Product

  • A full featured IP-PBX
  • QoS/Security/Firewall issues solved
  • All telecom services provided by Cyclix
  • Managed by Cyclix  and the Cyclix dealer
  • A no capital expense offering  for the client
  • A monthly commission paid out to the Cyclix dealer

Cyclix SIP-Trunking- a Full Featured SIP-Trunking Product

  • All telecom services provided by Cyclix
  • Managed by Cyclix
  • A monthly commission paid out to the Cyclix dealer

Monthly Recurring Revenue via Commission

Cyclix offers a generous revenue sharing program for VAR partners. We recognize the importance of simple, direct financial incentive. VARs will earn a monthly residual commission from Cyclix based on the client’s usage of service, every month, for as long as the client is enrolled with Cyclix.  Further, VARs can get a bonus added to their standard commission if new sales metrics are surpassed.

The Cyclix Commission schedule is as follows:

  • SIP-Trunking Commissions- 10% of client’s monthly MRC billing
  • Tangent Commissions- 15% of clients monthly MRC billing
  • Business-Connect- 15% of clients monthly MRC billing
  • Monthly sales metrics exceeded- additional payout added to all commissioned installations.

Last, we automate the commission process for you via our online commissions’ portal. This tool will allow you to track your earnings from anywhere, in real-time.

Other Revenue Opportunities

VARs can also realize other revenue opportunities in a variety of ways centered on the Cyclix VAR partner program. These opportunities can include:

  • Business-Connect™ VoIP Phone Station- the phones are free but, Cyclix will commission you with an additional one-time upfront payment for each seat sold.
  • Business-Connect™ Physical Installation- the VAR installs the Business-Connect™ hardware and gets paid for the install by the customer.
  • VoIP LAN: if the client is installing wired IP to the VoIP station the VAR is paid by the customer for that service.
  • Other Hardware: UPS, routers, etc. are all supplied by the VAR.
  • Service Contracts: the VAR is free to strike whatever service contract is deemed necessary to cover LAN and other site infrastructure components.
  • Station moves and changes: telephone moves, changes, and reconfigurations can be done by the VAR, at a fee set by the VAR.
  • Bandwidth Sales: Cyclix is bandwidth agnostic, and will work with any bandwidth supplier that meets industry basic specifications for VoIP.  The VAR can be that bandwidth reseller.

What the VAR is NOT Responsible For

  • Systems Management- Cyclix will handle all configuration and provisioning of its core   products. So your team will not need to learn how to manage and/or administer complex telecommunications systems. Cyclix will manage it for the customer, and for you.  
  • Carrier Problems: Cyclix is the phone company, and so will handle all telecom/VoIP network issues.

 Cyclix Education and Support Services

Cyclix understands the need to educate the marketplace and make it simple for your enterprise clients to recognize the value of our products. We will provide the training and support materials needed for your sales and technical support team to succeed. We will also provide documentation and training to your clients, explaining the benefits and use of of Cyclix products

Online Tools for Cyclix VARs

When a VAR enters the Cyclix VAR partner program, a full suite of online tools is made available to that VAR to assist in deployments of systems and service and to allow the VAR to monitor the clients’ quality of services after deployment.  The tools made available to assist the VAR are:

  • TotalView: with TotalViewCyclix provides the VAR access to a myriad of real-time updates and information, to manage their client accounts.
  • Request Tracker (RT): VARs have access to Cyclix’s Request Tracking (RT) tool, giving VARs the ability to track and troubleshoot your client’s problems, and coordinated with Cyclix’s Support Team.

Enroll Today!

The Cyclix Business-Connect™ VAR program goes the extra mile, empowering the VAR with upfront profitable sales, followed by a monthly commission stream, and all coupled with the tools and support needed from the Cyclix Team to keep it all running trouble free, 24x7 for you and your client.  

Contact us at  today This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 800.730.2870 for immediate consideration to become a full Cyclix VAR Partner!