Business-Connect: Moving Office


Easily Move Your Telephone System & Service

with Cyclixs Business-Connect™


If you are about to move your office in the near future Cyclix can help. We can install a new Business-Connect™ phone system and service for you at your current and new locations, at no capital expense.

We then integrate the two systems/sites with seamless operation and service, making the overall system site independent.

Once ready to move, simply pick up your phones and plug them in at your new office! You will experience no telecommunication down-time our loss of service when moving from the old location to the new.

Also, because you’re now on Cyclix’s VoIP network, you can also keep your original phone numbers. This way your customers also experience no change in service when trying to contact you.

Cyclix is the only company today in the telecommunications marketplace offering a product and service like this. Summarizing:

  • A new phone system and phones is installed at your current site
  • Your local telephone numbers are ported and preserved with Cyclix
  • A new phone system is installed at your second new site
  • The 2nd system is integrated with the first system, offering seamless operation and site independence
  • Move: pick up your phones, move them, and plug them in at your new site. Your telecommunications move is completed

Contact Cyclix today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 800.730.2870 and get moving, with no capital expense.

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