Business-Connect-R™: Always On, Always There

A Resilient Voice Solution For The Enterprise


Cyclix’s Business-Connect-R™ service has the ability to offer non-stop redundant telephone services to the enterprise. This “resilient solution” solves the inherent problems found with today’s TDM telephone systems, as well as most hosted VoIP service solutions.

Today telecommunications is a mission critical part of any enterprise, be it a government or the private sector. So it’s generally unacceptable for these organizations to lose their telecommunications service for any given period of time.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of telecommunications deployments are rife with “Single Points of Failure” (SPoF) in their networks. So today, the vast majority of both government and private sector voice networks are vulnerable to costly outages, or worse, open to breaches and failures supporting life critical safety services.

Fortunately there is a cost effective solution to the problem. Cyclix’s Business-Connect-R™, a resilient telecommunications product, removes all “Single Points of Failure” from the enterprise voice network, and at a price for the end user point that is possibly lower than what is currently being paid for the telecommunications systems & services.

Cyclix offesr a phased approach that will allow any organization to realize the rewards of resilient fault-tolerant voice and data network operations. This service will protect against telecommunication outages as a result of the following:

  • Power outages
  • Weather events
  • Local emergency overload of local PSTN facilities
  • Failure of premised-based telecommunications and/or IP equipment

This solution, offered by Cyclix in partnership with MetroCast Communications, is based around providing a total system & service package that offers “no single point of failure in any part of the voice communications network.”

Specifically, the area’s addressed to remove these “single points of failure” are as follows:

  • VoIP Over Passive Fiber- Passive fiber requires no power or electrical repeaters from the point the transport facility leaves the clients premise, to the termination point at the cable company’s head-end office. This enables the transport facility to survive and continue operation in the event there’s a local power outage.
  • Redundant IP Carriers- Cyclix's Business-Connect-R™ system & service has the “onsite intelligence” to allow it to work with two separate IP carriers on an active/active basis, thus realizing diversity of carrier and technology on “the most vulnerable last mile” of the overall network to the customer premise.
  • Geographic Redundant Onsite PBXs- Again, using the “onsite intelligence” of Cyclix's Business-Connect-R™ PBX active/active operation with a remote paired PBX at a second remote geographical location is realized, making the onsite PBX fault tolerant.
  • Free from the Local Rate Center- The traditional PSTN Central Office is a “single point of failure” in the event of a local emergency. Capacity limits of this facility can be reached very quickly in the event of a major local incident taking place. With Cyclix’s dynamic NPlus™ architecture, this problem is resolved, as the Cyclix switching facility is immune to local central office capacity limits and outages.
  • Redundant VoIP Back-Office- Cyclix’s NPlus™ switching facility is fully redundant and will guarantee 99.999% uptime, 24x7 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Cyclix offers several phased levels of “resiliency” with Business-Connect-R™. This allows the client to pay for only the level of telecom security needed, and yet offers an easy upgrade path for the future, if and when needed. The Resilient Business-Connect-R™ telephone-system-service supports the following deployment options:

  1. Phase I: VoIP Over Passive Fiber- This arrangement has all voice telecommunications traversing over passive fiber from the customer premise to the IP carrier head-end office. This eliminates the need for power to the outside transport facility, thus making it impervious to local power outages.
  2. Phase II: Redundant IP Carriers-Utilizing Business-Connect-R™ “onsite intelligence,” two separate IP carriers are used to transport VoIP to/from the Cyclix switching facilities and the customer premise. This diversity of outside plant transport adds tremendous resiliency and survivability to a voice network at a very small incremental price.
  3. Phase III: Active/Active PBX Paring- This final phase has two Business-Connect PBXs, in two separate locations, that work as an active/active pair. Each phone from each PBX registers to both PBXs in the pair, resulting in no SPoF, and so allowing continuation of service should either PBX in the pair fail. Coordination of the active/active pair is handled by the Cyclix NPlus™ back-office switching facility.

Summarizing, Cyclix’s Business-Connect-R™ is “always on, always there”; anintegrated telephone system & service that now allows any government or private sector enterprise the ability to step into a highly survivable, resilient, integrated voice and data solution, at a fraction of the cost offered by other telecommunication providers today. By lowering the price point to this new level, any small or mid-size enterprise can now realize the same resiliency and survivability only previously possible for much larger organizations.

So, contact Cyclix today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call 800.730.2870, and “become resilient”!

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