Confirmed Cyclix Interoperable Gateways Integrated Systems:AudioCodes

Confirmed Cyclix Interoperable Gateways Integrated Systems : AudioCodes

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AudioCodes High Availability SIP Media Gateways

Confirmed Cyclix Interoperable Gateways Integrated Systems : AudioCodes

How can Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) effectively deliver proven VoIP technology to meet the immediate and future needs of small, medium and large-sized media gateway deployments?

AudioCodes line of carrier-grade high availability media gateways provide best of breed solutions for service providers and enterprises who are seeking for future-safe, reliable and high quality media gateway platforms that can interconnect with most of the markets leading Softswitches.

These include application servers, IP-PBXs and other standards-based VoIP elements. AudioCodes' gateways provide full support for Wireline (VoB), Wireless, Cable and Enterprise VoIP.

Cyclix, the Proven VoIP Provider Leader, offers high quality VoIP service in conjunction with the latest SIP Media Gateways technology fromAudioCodes.

Cyclix VoIP solutions, deployed in conjunction withAudioCodes Media Gateways VoIP products, provides a significant cost benefit, but at the same time offers top notch quality performance via Cyclix’s unique VoIP SIP  N-Plus architecture.

Cyclix VoIP Technology has been proven to work superbly withAudioCodes Media Gateways VoIP products. So stop your VoIP shopping, call Cyclix, the VoIP expert, and realize the best VoIP service you can get  for your VoIP  business applications when usingAudioCodes Media Gateways products with Cyclix.

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