Confirmed Cyclix Interoperable Gateways Integrated Systems:Dialogic

 Confirmed Cyclix Interoperable Gateways Integrated Systems : Dialogic

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Dialogic VoIp media Gateways

As a company committed to growth, Dialogic has become a leading provider of world-class technologies based on open standards such as host media processing and other multimedia products that enable its customers and partners to deliver innovative mobile, video, IP, and TDM solutions for Network Service Providers and Enterprise Communication Networks. Decades of experience and continued investment uniquely qualify Dialogic to create leading-edge products, and its partners rely on these flexible components to rapidly deploy value-added solutions around the world.

Product Overview

Dialogic® IMG1010: Integrated media and signaling
VoIP gateway

The Dialogic® IMG 1010™ is an integrated media and signaling VoIP gateway that provides any-to-any voice network connectivity enabling the delivery of SIP services into legacy PRI, CAS and SS7 networks, as well as IP to IP transcoding for network peering applications. With its compact 1U high-density package, integrated SS7 termination, software licensing for in- service capacity expansion, and GUI- based element management system, the IMG 1010 is a carrier-grade VoIP gateway that enables service providers to quickly add new telephony services while providing a clear migration path to an all IP network.

The IMG 1010 simultaneously supports PRI and SS7 signaling, plus SIP and H.323, all on a cost effective, future-proof platform that can grow as services evolve.

Faster time to market, improved flexibility, investment protection, and higher quality, all at lower cost and greater efficiency combine to make the IMG 1010 the strategic platform of choice for voice service providers evolving their infrastructure to IP.

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2000 media gatewayDialogic® 2000 Media Gateway Series
The Dialogic® 2000 Media Gateway Series (DMG2000 Gateway) is a turnkey appliance that seamlessly merges traditional PSTN technology with IP networks. This economical gateway helps consolidate typically separate voice and data networks and provides new and differentiated communications services. Without making radical, disruptive, and expensive upgrades to existing PBX equipment, service providers and enterprises can realize the benefits of a converged voice and data network.

The Dialogic 2000 Media Gateways can be installed and configured "plug and play," reducing the total cost of ownership. Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OA&M) features enabled by a user-friendly web interface make the installation and maintenance of this appliance quick and easy.

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Cyclix, the Proven VoIP Provider Leader, offers high quality VoIP service in conjunction with the latest VoIP Media Gateways technology fromDialogic.

Cyclix VoIP solutions, deployed in conjunction withDialogic Media Gateways VoIP products, provides a significant cost benefit, but at the same time offers top notch quality performance via Cyclix’s unique VoIP SIP  N-Plus architecture.

Cyclix VoIP Technology has been proven to work superbly withDialogic Media Gateways VoIP products. So stop your VoIP shopping, call Cyclix, the VoIP expert, and realize the best VoIP service you can get  for your VoIP  business applications when usingDialogic Media Gateways products with Cyclix.

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