Confirmed Cyclix Interoperable High Volume Telcom Switching Partners:Mera

Confirmed Cyclix Interoperable High Volume Telcom Switching Partners Mera,MERA VoIP,MVTS II,MVTS Pro,softswitch

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MERA VoIP Transit Softswitch

MERA VoIP Transit Softswitch (MVTS) is a carrier-grade softswitch with the gatekeeper and proxy functionality that dramatically simplifies VoIP peering on small and medium-grade networks (up to 5 mln minutes per month). MVTS is a non-vendor-specific single platform solution with simple static routing and network protection capabilities. MVTS intrinsic border control mechanisms provide a single entry point into carrier's VoIP infrastructure to enable centralized authentication and billing by third-party billing systems, facilitate interconnection with peering partners and enhance network security.

With revenue ready MVTS carriers benefit from enhanced flexibility, versatile redundancy schemes, usability and cost-effectiveness. MVTS is a handful soution for carriers that appreciate ease of installation, configuration and maintenance of the system. Low entry point (30 channels) and quick time-to-market make MVTS the ideal solution for start-up carriers' business needs.

Cyclix, the Proven VoIP Provider Leader, offers high quality VoIP service in conjunction with the latest High Volume Telcom Switching SIP technology fromMera High Volume Telcom Switchingproducts.

Cyclix VoIP solutions, deployed in conjunction with MeraHigh Volume Telcom Switching VoIP products, provides a significant cost benefit, but at the same time offers top notch quality performance via Cyclix’s unique VoIP SIP  N-Plus architecture.

Cyclix VoIP Technology has been proven to work superbly withMera High Volume Telcom Switching VoIP products. So stop your VoIP shopping, call Cyclix, the VoIP expert, and realize the best VoIP service you can get  for your VoIP  business applications when usingMera High Volume Telcom Switching SIP products with Cyclix.

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