Confirmed Cyclix Interoperable IP-PBX Products:Zultys

 Confirmed Cyclix Interoperable IP-PBX Products Zultys

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Zultys SIP IP-PBX Systems

Zultys Technologies is a premier manufacturer of communications equipment for businesses, enterprises, governmental, and military organizations. Its award winning products have provided the global market with solutions that increase worker productivity and scale for future growth. Zultys has produced some of the most innovative designs that integrate functionality while interoperating with industry standard devices.

The Zultys Media Exchanges (MX) systems combine an IP PBX (with voice mail and automated attendants), data communications servers, and security features. The products also add presence, instant messaging, fax origination and termination, and call center capabilities. These solutions scale from 1 user to 10,000 users. The MX systems can connect directly to Cyclix’s flawless VoIP service using SIP to allow for immediate cost savings for customers.

Product Overview

The VoIP systems available from Zultys are the award winning MX30 and MX250. These products are truly the first fully integrated IP PBX systems that are based on open standards. Each system can autonomously provide full PBX functionality enhanced with real time collaboration applications. Customers can cost effectively deploy an enterprise class VoIP platform for 10 to 10,000 users. These systems operate on real time embedded Linux and custom hardware, especially designed for robustness through continuous use.

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Cyclix, the Proven VoIP Provider Leader, offers high quality VoIP service in conjunction with the latest SIP technology fromZultys SIP IP-PBX products.

Cyclix VoIP solutions, deployed in conjunction withZultys VoIP products, provides a significant cost benefit, but at the same time offers top notch quality performance via Cyclix’s unique N-Plus architecture.

Cyclix VoIP Technology has been proven to work superbly withZultys VoIP IP-PBX.s. So stop your VoIP shopping, call Cyclix, the VoIP expert, and realize the best VoIP service you can get  for your VoIP  business applications when usingZultys SIP products with Cyclix.

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