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S3 Session Border Controller

GENBAND's S3TMSession Border Controller delivers secure carrier class, real-time communications for mobile and fixed line service providers, enabling new service offerings, rapid revenue generation and network cost-savings. With extensive security, policy enforcement, and session management capabilities, the S3 brings operators advanced levels of functionality, flexibility, and performance at IP network borders.

  • Carrier-to-Carrier: The S3 provides secure connectivity with granular controls to proactively manage interconnect quality, capacity, and availability, supporting bilateral and multilateral carrier interconnect agreements for national call routing, international long distance, and local PSTN termination.
  • Carrier-to-Enterprise Access: Normalizing traffic for seamless connectivity between carrier and enterprise networks, the S3 provides extensive SLA management, SIP trunking, PBX/IP PBX and H.323/SIP interworking, and call center and hosted VoIP application support
  • Carrier-to-Consumer Access: The S3 protects the network edge with overload protection via multi-stage rate limiting policies, registration throttling, and subscriber authentication and authorization, enabling operators to deliver the highly differentiated voice and multimedia services

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