Confirmed Cyclix Interoperable IP-PBX Products: Allworx

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Designed for companies with up to 150 users, the Allworx 24x system is an all-in-one communication system integrating a feature-rich phone system, advanced IP phones and powerful software features that substantially improve your company’s productivity while saving you on-going monthly costs. The integrated T1/PRI capability provides more cost savings and reliability than any other offer in the industry.

  • Traditional Phone Lines
  • T1/PRI circuit for voice
  • Ethernet or T1 for ISP data service

Key Features

  • Supports VoIP, traditional phone lines and T1/PRI wire circuits
  • Use analog and VoIP phones
  • PBX and/or Key system features
  • Built-in nine auto attendants

Cyclix, the Proven VoIP Provider Leader, offers high quality VoIP service in conjunction with the latest SIP technology from Allworx SIP IP-PBX products.

Cyclix VoIP solutions, deployed in conjunction with Allworx VoIP products, provides a significant cost benefit, but at the same time offers top notch quality performance via Cyclix’s unique N-Plus architecture.

Cyclix VoIP Technology has been proven to work superbly with Allworx VoIP IP-PBX.s. So stop your VoIP shopping, call Cyclix, the VoIP expert, and realize the best VoIP service you can get for your VoIP business applications when using Allworx SIP products with Cyclix.

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