Confirmed Cyclix Interoperable IP-PBX Products:Vertical TeleVantage

Confirmed Cyclix Interoperable IP-PBX Products Vertical TeleVantage

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Vertical TeleVantage® IP Telephony System: A Breadth of Features, A World of Benefits

As small and medium-sized businesses grow, they often struggle with phone systems that can’t grow with them. With its best-in-class IP telephony and feature-rich functionality, Vertical’s TeleVantage internet telephony phone system unlocks the hidden potential inside your existing phone system, helping your people and your business work more responsively, productively and profitably.

Empower Your People

TeleVantage offers a full complement of rich features that help your employees work more efficiently.

  • Users can instantly locate and check the status of co-workers, initiate conference calls or access contact information, so they spend less time searching for numbers and transferring calls.
  • Sophisticated “find me” call routing capabilities ensure that your employees receive important calls at any time, and in any location.
  • Voicemail messages are consolidated within a single account for quick, easy retrieval and response. Your team can record and store voice messages or live conversations, and create personalized, targeted voice and broadcast messages that save time and enhance communication.
  • With TeleVantage’s award-winning point-and-click interface, employees can quickly and easily take advantage of everything the system has to offer.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

If your customers can’t get through quickly when they call, they might go elsewhere. TeleVantage’s sophisticated call routing not only ensures that every inbound call is answered promptly and routed appropriately, but also gives you the power and flexibility to implement special features – such as priority handling for VIP callers, or voice broadcasting of limited-time offers – that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Maximize Revenues and Save Money

TeleVantage helps grow revenues by empowering your team to maximize business opportunities as they present themselves. With intelligent call forwarding, employees never lose a sale due to a missed call. The ability to instantly access contact information or initiate a conference call helps build the relationships that build business. TeleVantage features make it easy to gain valuable insight into business performance through features that allow you to monitor call volume, abandoned and misdirected calls, or response to marketing programs – providing valuable insight into your business. With its software-based architecture, TeleVantage works with your existing phone system and grows with your business. Whether you’re adding new lines or opening a new office, TeleVantage allows you to incrementally expand capacity or add new features without expensive hardware upgrades.

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