Cyclix For Your Asterisk PBX

Cyclix has gone to extra mile to ensure the Asterisk architecture works flawlessly with Cyclix's NPlusVoIP network.

Cyclix’s NPlus™ architecture effectively frees the Asterisk PBX from needing to be hardwired to a VoIP carrier's SIP switch. Instead, Cyclix's architecture allows your Asterisk PBX to communicate seamlessly with all Cyclixs "N" switches on a call by call basis.

This dynamic NPlus™ connection between your Asterisk PBX and Cyclix’s VoIP network is done through the combined use of Cyclix’s DNS server pairs, and advanced call routing and call distribution via Cyclix's Session Border Controllers (SBCs).

To learn more about Cyclix NPlus™ network architecture see our NPlus™ whitepaper.


Cyclix's NPlus Network Advantage for Your Asterisk PBX

Advantages for your Asterisk PBX running on the Cyclix NPlus™ VoIP network are significant:

  • Save on Telecommunication Cost- sure, you're going to save big when compared to what you're currently paying your traditional PSTN carrier (as much as 40% or more). But that's just the start.
  • Total Redundancy- with NPlus™ you have a totally redundant carrier at your service,. Should any Cyclix switching element fail or go out of service your Asterisk PBX is automatically routed to another working switch in the matrix. It is truly 99.999% reliable.
  • High throughput- Since Cyclix can dynamically spread call load equally across all the switches it has in its NPlus™ matrix, all call load is totally distributed and shared equally in real time. This capability makes Cyclix one of the fastest aggregate SIP switching platforms in the business.
  • Plug & Play- Cyclix has developed a Plug & Play configuration setup for your Asterisk PBX to work with our NPlus™ architecture. Contact the Cyclix sales group and see how easy it is to set up. If you need help setting up your system Cyclix is there ready to assist.
  • Resilient Routes- Cyclix has a large array of wholesale termination agreements with top tier US and international carriers. For the Cyclix customer this translates into routes that are redundant. Any given USA or international call made with Cyclix has a diverse path of wholesale partner carriers to choose from to route your call.
  • SMS 800- Cyclix has one of the best 800 toll-free products in the business, and is one of only a handful of VoIP carriers offering SMS 800 least cost routing technology. Cyclix LCR's four of the top tier USA PSTN caries for inbound toll free service. That allows us to pass on great savings to you, and at the same couples that savings with top quality service.
  • DIDs Covered- Cyclix has a flexible DID product that covers over 95% of the USA PSTN rate center market. But Cyclix goes beyond great coverage. We offer Global Number Portability™ at no extra cost with our inbound DID and 800 products. Cyclix has in its switching facility something we call an ENUM-Server™. This system allows us to route and deliver any DID or 800 call to any of your Asterisk PBX sites, in any combination, to any geographical point of deployment. In short Cyclix's GNP™ concept frees you from the PSTN rate center. See the GNP™ White-paper for more details.
  • International DIDs – Cyclix also has a wide array of DIDs available from many international countries. Contact Cyclix Sales for further information.


Security and Your Asterisk PBX

The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of all time, but it has its downfalls. The "guys in the black hats" are out there, lurking, constantly attempting to get access to your Asterisk PBX system to commit fraud.

But it's easy to protect your Asterisk PBX from this malicious activity if you know how. Cyclix’s VoIP service offers fraud audits as part of the service package. Cyclix has a fraud program that eliminates the possibility of your Asterisk PBX being hacked and hijacked to commit fraud.

  • System Audit- When your account is activated with Cyclix the first thing we do is run a security check on you system. If it’s found to be vulnerable you’ll be notified by Cyclix support and given directions on how to secure your system.
  • Ongoing Audits- Cyclix will perform ongoing audits automatically 24x7 hours, 365 days a year with Fraud-Buster, a Cyclix service that ensures that your system remains secure, and is impervious to outside hackers at all times.
  • Credit Control Fraud-Bister- a Cyclix service that ensures that your system remains secure, and is impervious to outside hackers at all times.
  • Credit Control- Cyclix has automatic credit controls that prevent your account from being used beyond its normal dialing patterns, giving you further added security and safeguards.


Let Cyclix Handle Your Asterisk PBX with Business-ConnectTM

OK, you want an Asterisk PBX system, but you don’t want to have to deal with it. Outsource it to Cyclix, and let us manage it for you. It’s called the Business-Connect, and gives you all the advantages of a hosted service, but also preserves all the benefits of a having a customer premise based PBX.

Click for details on Business-ConnectTM here, and/or contact the Cyclix sales team for further information and pricing.



Your Asterisk PBX & Cyclix: A Perfect Combination

Your Asterisk PBX running VoIP services with Cyclix is one of the best PBX/Carrier combinations you can make.

  • Competitive Pricing- Cyclix prices are very competitive, and are coupled with a VoIP architecture that goes beyond what the rest of the industry is offering.
  • ·Plug & Play- If you want your Asterisk PBX "to just work" go with Cyclix. We know Asterisk PBX, and have done the upfront work to make your Asterisk PBX installation with us be “Plug & Play” experience.
  • ·99.999% Reliable- We can make that claim because Cyclix’s NPlus™ architect allows us to. Cyclix offers a level of redundant uptime service for your Asterisk PBX that your PSTN carrier will never be able to match.
  • Security- We have the technical expertise and programs in place, to guarantee your Asterisk PBX will be secure. We audit your system during installation , and then continue to make sure it’s secure as you continue your service with us.


So Contact the Cyclix Sales Team Today and Learn How To...

  1. SAVE on telecommunications costs for your Asterisk PBX server
  2. IMPROVE your enterprise telecommunications services with your Asterisk PBX
  3. BE SAFE and secure all at the same time with your Asterisk PBX


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