VOIP Dealer Program @Cyclix Networks


Through innovative marketing and smart engineering, Cyclix is now able to offer value-added resellers a unique, commissioned PBX product at an exceptional price point.

Cyclix will provide, at no extra charge, a Business-Connect™ PBX to customers who are served by registered Cyclix Business-Connect™ agents.  This PBX is a full service product, with all the features and functionality of a system typically costing thousands of dollars.

VAR Revenue Opportunities

With this program, registered VARs will realize many revenue opportunities that revolve around the Cyclix Business-Connect™, free-PBX program.  Examples of these opportunities include:


  • VoIP Phone Station Sales - Since the sale of IP phones to the customer are handled by the VAR, by taking advantage of Cyclix's great value, there is the potential for significant profit with phone sales.
  • SIPTrex/VectorX Physical Installation - The VAR installs the Cyclix SIPTrex hardware, and gets paid for the install service by the customer.
  • VoIP LAN - If the client is installing wired IP to the VoIP station, the VAR is paid by the customer for that service.
  • Other Hardware - UPS, routers, etc. are all supplied by the VAR.
  • Service Contracts - The VAR is free to strike whatever service contract is deemed necessary to cover LAN and VoIP phone infrastructure
  • VoIP Station moves and changes - Telephone moves, changes, and re-configurations are done by the VAR, at a fee set by the VAR.
  • Bandwidth Sales - If the VAR is an IP bandwidth reseller, Cyclix will work with you. Cyclix is bandwidth agnostic, and will work with any bandwidth supplier who meets our basic specs for VoIP.
  • Monthly Reoccurring Usage Revenue -  This program pays a commission by Cyclix long after you've left the site.  Cyclix will pay you a monthly commission, based on the client's usage of the service, every month, for as long as the client is enrolled in the Cyclix Business-Connect™ program.
  • Closing bonus for each seat sold.

What the VAR is NOT Burdened With...

The Cyclix SIPTrex-Platform Program
  • The PBX- Cyclix will handle all configurations and changes needed on the Cyclix SIPTrex™ PBX.  So there is no need for your team to learn how to manage and administer this sophisticated, business-critical system.  Cyclix will handle it all.
  • Telephone Company Problems- Cyclix is the phone company, and therefor handles all dialing issues from the PBX out.  This leaves the VAR covering just the basics, e.g., power, LAN, and the phone station.  It also gives the VAR a single point of contact for any telephone dialing issue. 

Cyclix Revenue Sharing Commissions Automation Tools

Cyclix prides itself for having generous, revenue sharing programs for VAR partners. We recognize the importance of simple, direct financial incentives, and work with you to establish an attractive program based upon the scope of your opportunities.  Further, we automate the commission process for you via the on-online commission portal.  This portal allows you to track your earnings in real-time, anytime, anywhere.

Cyclix Business-ConnectLeads Advantage

The Cyclix SIPTrex-Platform VAR Partner Program

For authorized SxP™ dealers, Cyclix offers a lead advantage. Cyclix has acquired the technology to determine what companies are moving in a given market region, and when. Cyclix then takes those highly qualified leads and turns them over to you, the SxP™ dealer.  These leads give the dealer a jump on the competition in identifying new customers, as well as the opportunity to sell additional Cyclix and non-Cyclix products.  


Cyclix Education and Support Services

Cyclix understands the need to educate the marketplace on SIP-Trunking, and to make it simple for your enterprise customers to recognize this value.  We provide you with training and support materials for both technical and sales personnel.  Also, documentation showcasing the benefits of the Cyclix product are provided for your customers review.

Online Tools For Cyclix VARs

The Cyclix SIPTrex-Platform VAR Partner Program

When a VAR reseller enters the Cyclix Business-Connect™ program, a full suite of online tools becomes available to the VAR.  These tools assist with the deployment of services, and allow the VAR to monitor the customer's quality of services.  Included with these tools are:

  • TotalView™ - with TotalView™, the VAR has access to real-time updates on commissions earned from their customer base. Further, the VAR can closely monitor system performance and traffic patterns, keeping on top of the quality of service provided. 
  • RT (Request Tracker) - as a member of the Cyclix VAR program, you have access to Cyclix's support tool, RT. RT documents customer's issues, workflow processes, change management, and more.  When used in conjunction with the Cyclix Support Team, you can address your customer's needs in a timely manner.

Get Enrolled Today

The Cyclix Business-Connect™ VAR program goes the extra mile. It empowers the VAR with upfront profitable sales, followed by monthly re-occurring commission revenue, and then makes available the tools and support needed to keep your client's system running trouble free, 24x7.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (603) 273-9292 Option 2 for immediate consideration for becoming a full Cyclix Business-Connect™ VAR Partner.