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May 2016- Cyclix Networks Announces Its Next Generation Business-Connect™ Phone System & Service

BTN is happy to announce a next generation of the Business-Connect™ phone system and service. This next gen product sees the integration of key components of the overall system into a much smaller single enclosure. The following components have been consolidated and integrated into a single box deployment…


1. Enhanced Phone System- 1. the latest variant o Asterisk has been integrated into a new core motherboard, yielding reduced power, smaller footprint, and increased throughput. The new system is capable of handling 150 telephone extensions.

2. Integrated VectorX Session Boarder Controller (SBC)- 2. The SBC is now consolidated and integrated with the phone system, yielding a smaller footprint. The throughput has also been enhanced, offering 500+mbps un-delayed wireline throughput. The VectorX™ component is responsible for:

  • Quality of Service-Vx acts as a traffic cop, and allows voice to travel uninterrupted while sharing an IP circuit with other non-real-time corporate bulk IP traffic services. This is done by the Vx holding off TCP/IP traffic to make room for UDP VoIP traffic, and by packet shaping of bulk IP traffic so that VoIP RTP streams con be interwoven for real-time delay free transport

  • Security-b. Vx acts as the sentry for the Business-Connect™ system and service, and prevents fraud and illegal unwanted access to the system. As a result of Vx no Business-Connect™ system has even been hacked, nor is the customer responsible for fraud even if an intrusion were to take place.

  • Firewall traversal-c. Vx allows one to travers any corporate file wall for Voice/VoIP services, and at the same time not interfere with the corporate firewall and its operations

3. Integrated T.38 Fax- 3. the next gen Business-Connect™ systems sees the integration of the Cyclix Networks Fx component into the single Business-Connect™ enclosure. This results in once again smaller footprint, and ease of integration. The Business-Connect™ fax access is available via an RJ16 two-wire loop interface on the back panel of the Business-Connect™ enclosure With this next generation of the Business-Connect™ system and service a wider array of customers will be able to be serviced. At the same time deployment times for the system in the field have been simplified and consolidated, lowering costs on all fronts.

For more information on Business-Connect™ and Cyclix Network services contact Cyclix Networks at 1-603-273-9292, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.