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Cyclix welcomes KGB, a major provider of US operator telecommunication
Cyclix is pleased to announce the addition of KGB Network services to its client base.

KGB is a fully integrated "Business Process Outsource" company with expertise in multimodal contact center solutions. Founded in 1992, they are privately held and employ over 10,000 Global Associates including an extensive Work@Home organization.

Cyclix has helped KGB make the successful jump to VoIP via the deployment of Cyclix's Global-Number-Services™ product. Cyclixs GNS™ allows KGB to route any inbound DID call to any of its SIP enabled call-centers, regardless of what physical rate center the DID originated from in PSTN space.

This ability to remove physical location dependence from the inbound DID call has realized significant telecom transport cost savings for KGB. But perhaps more important is GNS™ has allowed KGB to use its call-center infrastructure resource in a far more efficient manner then would be possible with traditional TDM technologies.

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