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Cyclix Awarded GSA, Launches SIPTrex-Platform with Free PBX System Offer

Tampa, FL – April 4, 2012 – PR Newswire

GSA Applications is pleased to announce that Cyclix, LLC has been awarded a GSA Schedule 70 contract and are now certified to provide goods and services to the Federal government. Acknowledging the growth in federal spending through the General Services Administration (GSA), Cyclix has placed their VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telecommunications technology on the government's electronic ordering system, GSA Advantage!®.

“As the leader in pure SIP trunking, this schedule opens up significantly more markets throughout the country,” states Peter Sandstrom, CTO at Cyclix. He continues: “Securing a GSA schedule will expand our reach beyond the federal government to numerous state and municipal governments as they can now take advantage of our fixed government pricing on our VoIP products and solutions.”

To complement their GSA schedule award, Cyclix is introducing the SIPTrex-Platformtm (SxP)™; "a free" PBX system", integrated with Cyclix's VectorXtm QoS/Security solution, T.38 fax, redundant voice POTS failover, and wireless VoIP phone access. “This PBX is a full service product, with all the features and functionality of a system costing tens of thousands of dollars, but is essentially free,” adds Mr. Sandstrom. The Plug & Play SxP™ comes fully, integrated, preconfigured and tested from Cyclix, reducing all of the inherent risks associated with phone switchovers.

Cyclix VoIP services solutions are designed for high-volume VoIP business communications users. Any enterprise that seeks to reduce its telecommunications costs and yet expand functionality is a candidate for Cyclix's VoIP Solutions broadband phone service.

Cyclix offers SIP Trunking services via three key methods for its clients: adopt current CPE equipment to SIP Trunking; adopt native SIP CPE support, or participate in Cyclix’s Generations™ program. This allows the client to adopt new VoIP technologies at their pace, and on their budget.

GSA Applications managed the tender process on behalf of Cyclix, facilitating the application preparation, submission and negotiations with government buyers at the GSA. With over 800 schedules awarded to date, Tampa FL based GSA Applications leverages its industry-leading experience and in-house staff of specialists to deliver professional government marketing services to businesses. Visit for more information.