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Cyclix's VectorX™ QoS Solutions

VectorX- Cyclix announces a new "VoIP Quality of Service Solution" that allows an enterprise to share its bulk IP data link with VoIP services. What sets VextorX(tm) apart from other VoIP QoS solutions is how it interacts with the corporate firewall... "It doesn't"!

VerctorX(tm) is placed in front of the corporate firewall, and is totally transparent to it. The firewall does not see the VectorX product as VectorX(tm) is in a “bridged" mode. VoIP services are then inserted and extracted to and from the IP pipe at that point by VectorX. At the same time VectorX applies throttling control to the bulk enterprise data, giving the voice RTP stream precedence over the enterprise bulk data.

VectorX is available from Cyclix as part of Cyclix's SIP trunking service. PBX Interfaces include analog FXS, digital PCM (T1/E1/Pri), and native IP SIP. Allowing full QoS on a shared IP resource greatly increases savings for the enterprise, both by reducing stranded T1 costs, and by having reduced network facilities needing to be maintained.

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