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SIPTrex-smb™ - Cyclix's Free-IP-PBX/ACD for The Enterprise

Cyclix's new SIPTrex-smb™ PBX offers managed VoIP telecommunication services for small and medium size enterprise users. SIPTrex™ is a fully functional IP-PBX/ACD solution, with all the features and functionality of a modern PBX/ACD system that can be deployed as part of Cyclix's SIP-Trunking service

What sets SIPTrex-smb™ PBX apart from other offerings is:

  • Cyclix SIPTrex-smb™ Support - support of the VoIP CPE platform is handled by Cyclix. The PBX/ACD device is configured by, cared for, and monitored by Cyclix. Support costs are bundled into the service offering.
  • No Contracts - SIPTrex-smb™ is available on a month to month commitment. There are no long term contracts in the SIPTrex™ program.
  • SIPTrex-smb™ plus Cyclix VoIP Services - Equals incredible savings, coupled with amazing new telephone communications options for your organization.
  • It's FREE!!! - The most amazing thing about the SIPTrex-smb™ PBX is its FREE!!! The product is given FREE to the user as part of the service offering bundle.

Contact Cyclix sales today to learn how SIPTrex-smb™ can start saving for you immediately.

Cyclix Sales:

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