Tangent: A Managed VoIP Gateway Service

Managed VoIP Gateway Services

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Tangent™, a Cyclix engineered VoIP gateway, and session-border-controller solution, allows the client to easily move into VoIP/SIP technology while still preserving their current TDM/analog telephone infrastructure.

The Tangent™ managed gateway offers managed VoIP gateway telecommunication functionality for small, medium, and large size enterprise users.

What sets Tangent™ apart from other offerings? The support of the on-site gateway product is handled by Cyclix, the service provider. The integrated gateway/session-border-controller device is configured, cared for, and monitored by Cyclix.

The cost of the system no and service is bundled into the monthly service offering.

Tangent™ allows Cyclix to offer the client the best of both worlds

  • Preservation of the clients’ current legacy telecom investment.
  • Engineered Quality of service at the CPE last mile.
  • Engineered VoIP security at the CPE last mile.
  • Engineered Corporate Firewall Traversal at the CPE last mile.
  • Fully supported services, as seen in a hosted services environment.
  • Plug & Play functionality, and one source for support of both CPE site equipment and telecommunication services.

Tangent™: Retrofitting the Legacy Facility for SIP

The client’s current legacy TDM PBX or key system is inter-worked with a Cyclix engineered media gateway and border-controller solution. All standard VoIP SIP trunking services are made available to the client, with no changes to the client’s current CPE infrastructure required.

An advantage offered with Tangent™ is the client can now share the same Internet IP pipe that they use for enterprise data with VoIP. Tangent’s™ integrated VectorX™ (Vx™) session-bordercontroller makes possible the ability to mediate bandwidth between VoIP and non- VoIP data streams, resulting in QoS for VoIP services, even over lower bandwidth facilities such as DSL.

VectorX™, Tangent’s™ patent-pending Vx™ session-boarder-controller, also allows the client to sidestep all the pitfalls involved in trying to get VoIP to traverse through and work with the corporate firewall, resolving this issue.

The following is a summary of the benefits of moving a legacy CPE telecommunication system to Cyclix VoIP service with Tangent™:


Cost Savings: Cyclix’s VoIP service will save the client on all portions of their telecommunications bill. Savings can average as high as 30-40%.

New Features possible with Tangent™ and Cyclix VoIP

  • Cyclix Global-Number-Services™- realize DID or 800 calls terminating to any geographic location (see Whitepaper section online at www.cyclixnet.com for more information)
  • Office to Office (IP calls) on-net call savings
  • Interoffice speed-dial options
  • Fully integrated inbound/outbound T.38 Fax support

Tangent™ Managed Gateway

Tangent™-1: a legacy equipment solution

Attributes – All Handled by Cyclix

  • VoIP gateway/SBC build and provisioning
  • Configuration
  • Installation
  • Port Sizes availableo
    • FXS- 4, 8, 24 port
    • T1/E1/Pri- 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 DS1
  • Number Port Services- LNP services
  • Ongoing CPE Support
  • Nothing Changes: The current legacy phone system and phones are left in place, negating out of pocket capital expenses for the client. Current telecom operations are not impacted. New services are less costly, and offer more communications options for the client.

Tangent Brochure 3

Tangent™-3: VoIP border solution for SIP-Trunking systems


The Tangent™ managed gateway product offering is a new and unique way for telecommunications services to be offered to enterprise users.

Tangent™ offers all of the benefits found in VoIP/SIP services, but at that same time preserves the client’s current legacy investment in CPE telecommunications equipment and wiring.

Please contact Cyclix for more information:

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,

Phone: 800.730.2870

On the web at http://www.cyclixnet.com