Business-Connect SxP Platform

The Business-Connect SXP Platform

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Cyclix’s Business-Connect™ service is unique in the industry. It empowers the client with an unbeatable patent-pending value combination of integrated telephone services and managed premise based IP-PBX equipment, outpacing hosted VoIP service offerings in the areas of voice quality, security, and feature sets.

Cyclix’s Business-Connect™ is a state-of-the-art cloud based business telephone system and service, offering the client a no risk plug-and-play business phone system, at no capital expense.

Business-Connect™ enables the client to take full advantage of all the features and functionalities that VoIP telephony offers.Using “onsite intelligence”, Business-Connect™ resolves the issues of QoS, security, corporate firewall interoperation, and limited feature sets, commonly associated with most hosted VoIP telecom services.

Cyclix’s industry leading redundant NPlus™ architecture ensures your ability to communicate with your customers at all times. In addition, failover features with the Business-Connect™ provides connectivity and backup to alternate phone numbers in the event your IP network is not available.


Each Business-Connect™ telephone extension allows you to dial with total freedom

  • Cyclix offers several per seat billing arrangements. Business-Connect™ can be configured based on customer requirements with no hidden fees or surprises.
  • No limit to the number of DID or Toll Free 800 numbersyou can add to the plan
  • The complete Business-Connect™ phone system is bundledwith the service, at no capital expense.

The innovative design of Business-Connect™ solves all the voice quality and scaling problems associated with hosted VoIP services. Yet, at that same time allows the enterprise to eliminate up front PBX and telephone handsets’ capital expenses.

With Business-Connect™ the customer realizes significant cost savings on usage and the outsourcing of technology and maintenance, while experiencing all the power and advantages of a modern VoIP based PBX.

How the Program Works

The Business-Connect™ program realizes some basic goals

Cyclix’s Business-Connect™

A Full VoIP Solution: the Business- Connect™ system is just the beginning of the advantages you will receive. Business- Connect™ is tightly integrated to Cyclix's industry unique NPlus™ network. With Cyclix’s NPlus tm network your phone service is truly 99.999% up, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is then all tied together with a 100% no risk, support arrangement.

Support: The Business-Connect™ program is designed to allow Cyclix and the assigned onsite Business-Connect™ dealer to solve and maintain all your telecommunications needs, from the handset, to the telecommunications network. You simply use the service, you are 100% covered.

No Capital Expense: No longer will you have to settle for expensive PSTN Centrex services, or inferior hosted VoIP services. With SxP tm Cyclix has removed the large capital expense associated with acquiring and deploying a real premised based IP-PBX solution and VoIP phones.

By bundling the PBX and telephones into with the service any business can now have all the features and advantages that a premised based IP-PBX solution offers.

The Business-Connect™ comes fully, integrated, preconfigured, and tested, from Cyclix. Your Cyclix Business-Connect™ dealer is responsible for installation, set-up and powering up of your Business- Connect™ system.

Business-Connect™ in summary equals

  1. Deployment of a real corporate IP-PBX phone system and advanced VoIP phones
  2. Integrated with Cyclix’s industry unique and patent-pending NPlus™ VoIP telecom network & services
  3. Completely supported for you by Cyclix
  4. All at no capital expense

Enroll Today! Contact Cyclix today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 800.730.2870 and get started, with no capital expense.