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One of the big economic advantages VoIP has over standard circuit-based telephony is that you can merge your voice and data traffic together over the same IP connection.

That offers big savings, since internet pipes are often poorly utilized. So, by filling the pipe with VoIP traffic, cost efficiencies significantly improve.

But, to successfully do that merger, you must engineer a quality of Service (QoS) mechanism that …

  • Allows VoIP traffic to have precedence over corporate bulk IP traffic
  • Acts in a passive manner by not interfering with the corporate IP firewall

If you ignore addressing QoS, you may very well find, even with plenty of bandwidth, that your VoIP service is unusable; i.e. poor quality resulting from packet drops and delays.

Internet providers make their margin by providing their customers with no more bandwidth than what's contractually agreed-upon. So, the moment you exceed your allocation, the ISP throttles your traffic back and you start to have dropped/delayed packets.

For non real-time applications that run over TCP-IP, that’s not a big issue. The protocol simply retransmits. But for VoIP over UDP-IP, it’s disastrous. You can’t retransmit a piece of someone’s conversation! It must be a real-time service, all the time.

VectorX™ : The QoS Solution

Cyclix solves this QoS dilemma by inserting VectorX™, a packet policy enforcement system, between the ISP and your cooperate firewall. Since VectorX™ operates at IP layer-2 in bridging mode your corporate firewall is unaware of the device, and so requires no changes to support it and VoIP.

The diagram below illustrates VectorX™ installed in a typical arrangement:

The diagram below illustrates VectorX

VectorX™ WAN/LAN Interconnect


  • E1- ISP WAN demark connects to WAN-A of VectorX™
  • E2- PBX interface- terminates into the corporate PBX
  • E3- Spare/Future
  • E4- LAN/Phone interface- connects to VoIP phones via the corporate LAN
  • E5- Enterprise firewall connects to WAN-B of VectorX™

This arrangement removes and separates the VoIP traffic from enterprise bulk IP traffic. This results in total VoIP quality of service, with the voice and bulk data running together over the same physical IP drop to/from your ISP.

VectorX™ : The Security Solution

VectorX™ is also a fully functional firewall in its own right, and so allows Cyclix to offer full VoIP security to your account. Attempts to hack and steal from your VoIP account will be virtually impossible with VectorX™ deployed inline on your service.

Save on Bandwidth With VectorX™

To accurately compare prices between Cyclix and other vendors, the last mile IP pipe must be considered. Specifically, if there is no last mile VoIP QoS solution provided by the competing VoIP vendor, then a dedicated IP circuit must be provisioned to realize quality of service.

The spread sheet below shows the impact on cost for a small office wishing to deploy VoIP with Cyclix vs. a vendor who offers no QoS solution.

VectorX™ Security Solution

The Cyclix Advantage

Your cooperate PBX running VoIP services with Cyclix is one of the best PBX/Carrier combinations you can make.

  • Competitive Pricing - Cyclix prices are competitive, and are coupled with the NPlus™ VoIP architecture; a technology that goes far beyond what the rest of the industry is offering today.
  • Plug & Play - If you want your PBX "to just work" with VoIP, choose Cyclix. We understand how to implement VoIP at the customer premise PBX. Your installation with us will be a “Plug & Play” experience.
  • 99.999% Reliable - We can make that claim because of Cyclix’s NPlus™ architecture. Cyclix offers a level of redundant uptime service for your PBX that your PSTN carrier could never be able to match.
  • Security - We have the technical expertise and programs in place to guarantee that your PBX using VoIP with Cyclix will be secure. We audit your system during installation, and then continue to make sure it’s secure as you continue the service with us.

So Contact the Cyclix Sales Team Today and Learn How To...

  • Save on telecommunications costs for your corporate PBX (savings as high as 40%+ are possible).
  • Advance and Modernize enterprise telecommunications services to your corporate PBX.
  • Be Safe and secure all at the same time with your VoIP enabled corporate PBX

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