VOIP Technology Overview

Cyclix provides one of the most compelling Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business telephone solutions on the market today. It understands the customer's needs and how to interface that customer to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) through VoIP.

Key to the voice communication needs of today’s fast-paced businesses are excellent audio call quality, enhanced features, uninterrupted service provision, and an understanding of how to interface the larger scale enterprise or call center customers through VoIP. Cyclix has designed a voice telephony solution that offers quick connect times, excellent audio quality, total up-time service and a host of special services not available from any time-dimension multiplexing (TDM) or VoIP provider today.

Cyclix ensures that its worldwide SIP trunking customers have continuation of VoIP service, which includes a fully redundant, state-of-the-art VoIP network: the N-Plus™ Matrix. Cyclix deploys its SIP Soft Switch technology as N active switching nodes. This results in end-users receiving VoIP service from any of the N Cyclix switching nodes in the Cyclix switching matrix, at any given time.

In the event that one of the nodes in the N-Plus™ Matrix fails catastrophically, the other surviving nodes in the matrix take over, and service continues immediately. This level of uninterrupted service in VoIP space is currently unmatched, and achieves a level of up-time that is not available with many of the largest VoIP transport carriers today.

Cyclix has made significant investments in digital communication R&D to ensure that its VoIP network can interface with our international customers' current voice telephone infrastructure and, at the same time, have this interface match or exceed legacy PSTN.

Voip Technology Solutions Overview

Cyclix has developed revolutionary solutions to business voice communication problems by addressing the following parameters:

  • Fewer internet protocol (IP) latency delays
  • Reserved bandwidth for voice calls
  • Proper echo cancellation at the IP/TDM interface G.711 for full bandwidth crystal clear audio calls (optional G.729)

As a result, one may be able to recognize it's a Cyclix communication solution call due to the superior voice quality.

Enhanced services were never fully recognized in regards to the PSTN and its intelligent network (IN). But with Cyclix, VoIP has finally made IN a reality. Cyclix's applications possess the features and services that enable international customers to:

  • Manage call routing to and from their premise via web interfaces.
  • View their traffic calling patterns online
  • Download their invoices online

High availability with continuity of service, crystal clear audio, enhanced services, and the ability to interface (on a larger, global scale) to the enterprise, are all a reality today with Cyclix VoIP service. This makes Cyclix standout as a unique offering that’s more efficient and cost-effective than competing SIP Trunking providers on the VoIP marketplace today.