White Papers - Cyclix improves the overall benefit of VoIP-based voice communications via its fault tolerant, high transaction NPlus™ Network.

White Papers

Since the mid 90s, the introduction of VoIP service and PSTN technology has revolutionized how businesses communicate. As a free, easy-to-use telephony solution, VoIP service makes voice calling anywhere in the world inexpensive and more effective than traditional telephone calling.

Like any innovative technology’s first years, a few annoyances still haunt these new internet-based platforms. Echo can make a call unbearable. Delay can breakdown a conversation completely.

Cyclix’s VoIP solution-focused engineering has overcome these problems, advancing VoIP and PSTN capabilities to meet the needs of the 21st century’s business. Using a fault tolerant, high transaction SIP network called the Cyclix N-Plus Architecture, Cyclix improves the overall potential and benefit of VoIP-based voice and multimedia communications.

Click below to read more about how VoIP and PSTN work, their history, and how Cyclix’s groundbreaking technical business telephone services can help take today’s web-based telephony into a brighter, more effective and accessible future.

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