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  • No capital expense for the PBX
  • No capital expense for the phones
  • Fully featured PBX
  • Multi-Site support
  • Free conferencing
  • Help-Desk support
  • Remote user support

Solve the voice quality and security issues found with hosted VoIP services

  • Our patent pending VectorX™ solution assures it sounds great (you can talk business on it)
  • Does not interfere with your corporate firewall
  • Offers full security with a 100% fraud protection guarantee

and let Cyclix manage it all for you!

  • Cyclix manages the phones and phones system for you. It’s "Virtually Hosted"
  • Cyclix manages the telecommunication network and services for you
  • You simply use it

Business-Connect Solutions

Cyclix’s Business-Connect™ telephone system & service offers both small and large enterprise clients a state of the art, integrated IP-PBX, VoIP phones, and telecommunications service at no capital expense. Business-Connect™ enables the client to take advantage of the features that VoIP telephony offers, plug-n-play, no risk, no capital expense package.

Cyclix NPlus™ Network

A Fault Tolerant High Transaction SIP Network. Cyclix's N-Plus™is able to fill a critical need for high volume SIP customers by offering:

  • High capacity throughput
  • PSTN or better redundancy & reliability
  • Multiple routes to any global destination
  • Least cost route to any given destination

Enterprise VoIP Solutions

The Enterprise Dial Plan is intended for large volume users who connect to Cyclix via their own VoIP switch, maintain their own billing system, and often times serve and resell to a set of customers downstream. Clients who fit this profile tend to be call centers, carriers, or large enterprise users.

  • The Cyclix Business-Connect Platform™

    Customers may acquire, for FREE, a full Business-Connect™ PBX, integrated with Cyclix's VectorXQoS/Security solution, T.38 fax, redundant voice POTS failover, and wireless VoIP phone access.This PBX is a full service product, with all the features and functionality of a system costing 10's of thousands of dollars, but essentially free.

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  • Tangent™: A Managed VoIP Gateway Service

    Cyclix’s Business-Connect™ program offers managed VoIP telecommunication services for both small and medium size enterprise users. Tangent™, a Cyclix certified VoIP gateway, allows customers to gently move into new VoIP/SIP technology by preserving their current infrastructure.

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  • Small Business SIP-Trunking VoIP Solutions

    The Cyclix SIP-Trunking solutions provides small and medium enterprise business users with incredible price-per-minute rate savings. This VoIP service plan allows the customer to take full advantage of all the features and flexibilities that SIP-Trunking offers to the world of communications when combined with an IP-PBX or VoIP-enabled Legacy TDM PBX.

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US & Canada calling is made possible with a high quality carriers with very high completion rate. With Cyclix’s NPlus™ Architecture, using redundant SIP Switches, you will be able to fill a critical need for high volume SIP traffic.Competitive Cyclix US Canada rates will help you save money every month.

Cyclix's VoIP Dialing Plans and Pricing
Cyclix provides you the cheapest international calling rates available! International calls are via very high quality upstream carriers. With Cyclix’s NPlus™ Architecture, using redundant SIP Switches, you will be able to fill a critical need for high volume international SIP traffic.

DID Callings - Direct Inward Dial (DID)
DID numbers are simply local telephone numbers that serve businesses. For example, they could be local US numbers that ring through to offices overseas, like in Paris or Milan, or local overseas numbers that connect directly to offices in the United States. Many enterprises establish a "virtual" presence via a local DID and use the "magic" of Internet telephony to have calls ring (AKA "terminate") at the Cyclix customer's location. Cyclix VoIP service DIDs give callers around the world the ability to dial a local telephone number and connect to any Cyclix customer's telephone system via the Cyclix network.
Cyclix has the ability to provide DID numbers from the U.S. to facilities around the world. For example, an enterprise in Bangalore, Hong Kong, London, or Sao Paolo can have a New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or other U.S. telephone number ring the offices in those cities!

Domestic (USA) Toll-Free Inbound Service
Cyclix's Toll-Free Domestic calling VoIP service allows callers located anywhere in the U.S. to dial a standard toll free telephone number (800/844/855/866/877/888) and connect to the telephone system of any Cyclix customer via the Cyclix VoIP network and VoIP solutions.
Call centers or other organizations that receive or would like to receive large numbers of telephone calls that originate from the United States via DID or toll-free service will find this an attractive alternative to expensive leased line circuits.

International Toll-Free Service (ITFS)
ITFS from Cyclix VoIP Service allows callers from anywhere in the world to dial the toll-free number and reach Cyclix customer locations.
  • US DID and toll-free calls can be translated and transported to any international PSTN termination point in the world.
  • Eliminates the need for leased line circuits that connect the business location to the US for receipt of US-originated calls.
  • Can be provisioned in a matter of hours.
  • Offers highly attractive per-minute call prices
  • Delivers excellent call quality.

Cyclix's VoIP Dialing Plans and Pricing

  • VoiceMail
  • VoiceMail Viewer
  • VoiceMail-to-Email
  • Web Based Call Logs
  • Online Account Management
  • Remote VoiceMail Access
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Incoming Call Routing
  • Outbound Caller ID Block
  • Anonymous Caller Rejection
  • Block List
  • Incoming Caller ID with Name
  • Outgoing Caller ID with Name
  • Speed Dial
  • Contact List
  • Call Hold
  • Directory Assistance Block
  • Operator Block
  • Softphone
  • 3-Way Conference Calling
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Enhanced 911
  • 411 Directory Assistance
  • Direct International Calling
  • Free In-Network Calling
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
Optional Features
  • DID Service - DID Number points at cell # or any other number
  • Toll Free Service - Toll Free Number points at cell # or any other number
  • Fax Service

Cyclix's VoIP Dialing Plans and Pricing

To ensure that Cyclix VoIP services are "plug and play," we conducted extensive interoperability tests with OEMs to ensure the compatibility of various vendors’ devices. Each of the categories of systems listed below has gone through rigorous testing. We are confident that these systems will work seamlessly with the Cyclix’s NPlus™ Architecture

VoIP OEM Interoperability on the Cyclix N-Plus™ Network
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