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Our Products

Business Connect

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Business Connect is a PBX system for businesses looking to save money without sacrificing call quality or features. When you sign up for our Business Connect service, we will provide you with the PBX and IP Phones for FREE!

SIP Trunking Dial Plan

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The small business SIP Trunking Plan empowers businesses to integrate their pre-existing IP-PBX and IP Phones into Cyclix Networks’ SIP Trunking services. This is perfect for businesses who are interested in managing their own PBX, while at the same time enjoying the great cost savings and reliability offered by Cyclix Networks.

Enterprise VoIP Solutions Plan

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The Enterprise Dial Plan is intended for large volume users who connect to Cyclix via their own VoIP switch, maintain their own billing system, and often times serve and resell to a set of customers downstream. 

Sigma Systems

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Sigma System IVR Platform is an all-inclusive Application Generator system with the expandability to grow to inbound 1000 (or outbound) ports, a GUI Windows Plan Editor, built-in Text-to-Speech prompt conversion and much more that will be shown.


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Tangent is a managed VoIP gateway and session-boarder-controller designed to be used in conjunction with any PBX and Cyclix Networks’ SIP Trunking services. Tangent offers a few key features to SIP Trunking users such as Quality of Service, Firewall Traversal, and Security.

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