Cyclix Solves the Hosted Problems with Business-Connect™

Business-Connect™ is The Telephone System you need!

Taking a proactive approach to solving quality and sound issues of today’s hosted VoIP telephone services wasn’t enough for CEO/CTO Peter Sandstrom. He wanted to create something that would bring a unified and lasting solution for small to mid-sized businesses telephony issues. Working in telecommunications for over 30 years, his vision to create a seamless integration of on-site technology at no capital expense has come to life, in the form of the new Business-Connect™ platform.

The feature rich addition to Cyclix’s already successful line up of products proves that the innovation and design has been well worth the time, effort, and money put in to it. Offering customers a real telephone service solution, and not a cloud based or hosted VoIP service, Cyclix has taken IP telephony for the enterprise to the next level.

A paper with a globe icon cutout.. Trees in the background.
Business-Connect™, as shown here, is not just a phone system. It’s a fully functional PBX that allows the user to focus on their business, while Cyclix handles the configuration, support, and maintenance. User friendly and packaged with great service and free phones, Business-Connect™ offers a functionality that is not yet seen elsewhere on the market.

Carriers and dealers alike are pushing their ‘new products’ ranging from hosted VoIP services to cloud based telephony, but with no thought to solving the issues that arise within the internal infrastructure of the company. Firewalls and other security features that keep the junk out, also allow for poor quality phone calls to be placed and packet loss is a result of bandwidth issues.

The last mile QoS was just the beginning. Once he knew that this could be produced on a larger scale, the field testing began. Immediately, customers saw a significant difference in not only their telecommunications costs, but also realized new process efficiencies when running their enterprise with Business-Connect™.

With this new product, Cyclix has fixed a broken model, and given the customer what they truly want; a phone system better than what they had, fully integrated to the Cyclix network, fully managed, and all at no capital expense.

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