VoIP SIP Trunking Solutions

VoIP Telephony is no longer a curiosity, but rather a mainstream migration event for telecom users looking to cut costs, and at the same time expand their telecommunication’s options.

With Cyclix’s Enterprise SIP Trunking VoIP telecommunications services the underutilized “circuit” is a thing of the past. The goals of lower cost and added flexibility are now easily met for any enterprise user with Cyclix certified VoIP telecommunications products.

Moving your PBX to VoIP SIP Trunking will save on telecom costs (as much as 40%), But that’s just the start.  Moving to VoIP frees your phone call from the circuit and PSTN rate center, allowing you to…

  • Converge Communications- converge to just one enterprise network, and lower your in-house support and circuit costs.
  • Realize Global Number Portability- any inbound DID or 800 number can now terminate anywhere’s you want.
  • Merge Multi Site Locations- unify your organization to operate as one virtual enterprise, irregardless of geographical office layout.
  • Flexible Routing- now any size enterprise can afford routing options for voice traffic to multi site locations, based on business conditions or survivability requirements.

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