What is Kari’s Law and How Does it Affect Your Telephone System and Service?

Compliance is required by February 16th, 2020

Kari's Law H.R. 582: Index finger dialing 911 on a VoIP telephone.
Is your phone system in compliance with Kari's Law?

Is your phone system and service ready and able to comply?​


This law was enacted as the result of Kari Hunt being murdered in a motel room in Texas. Ms. Hunt’s 9-year-old daughter tried to call 9-1-1 for help four times from the motel room phone, but the call never went through because she did not know to first dial “9” for an outbound line before dialing “9-1-1”.


This tragedy has brought about the change that any US business with multiple lines should be able to direct dial a “911” call. Further, third party notification that the call has been made is needed, and that third party should be able to identify which actual station on the MLTS actually dialed the call.


If your current multi-line business telephone cannot comply with this new soon-to-be-enforced law, contact Cyclix Networks. We offer a fully-compliant Multi-Line Telephone System and service called Business-Connect™ that can be used to replace your old MLTS, all at no capital expense. 

The Cyclix Business-Connect™ system offers the following features to make it compliant with Senate Bill S.2553. Here’s how…

  • Direct dial of 911 from any phone, with no other keys to be entered
  • Notification of the 911 dialing event to a third party via email and/or SMS
  • Identification of the extension dialing the 911 call to a third party via email and or SMS

Learn how Cyclix Networks can help you comply with Kari’s Law:

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