The Perils of Hosted VoIP

Your hosted VoIP provider has embedded issues that it will never solve for you…

  1. No on-site Quality of Service control is offered by your hosted VoIP provider
  2. Your firewall conflicts with the hosted VoIP service, and your carrier offers no solutions
  3. Your hosted VoIP provider offers no protection against fraud
  4. Your carrier has no ability to monitor your internet connection for quality
  5. Your hosted VoIP provider is a low-quality virtual provider, and is constantly down and out of service
  6. Poor quality SIP telephones are supplied or are unsupported and don’t work correctly
  7. Your LAN was never vetted for VoIP
  8. The hosted VoIP provider’s do-it-yourself virtual PBX configuration is impossible to setup
  9. Substandard support is offered by your hosted carrier
Man experiencing hosted VoIP provider frustration. Cyclix Networks offers cost-effective premises based VoIP solutions.

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Many hosted VoIP providers compete solely on the basis of offering cheap service rates—as a result, the quality of VoIP service can suffer. At Cyclix Networks, we take a different approach by offering high-quality, on-premises VoIP systems. Our team will work with you to deliver the best service possible and ensure that your phone system is always functioning properly. Cyclix Networks customers can expect to receive greater call quality, reliability, and customer service—all at an affordable rate.

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