Sigma Systems


Sigma Systems is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform designed to increase communication efficiency within the workplace. This platform includes a variety of features such as:

  • Teleconferencing
  • SMS Messaging 
  • Audiotext Information
  • Fax on Demand
  • Call Routers
  • Universal Messaging of Voice-Fax & E-Mail
  • Speech Recognition
  • Prepaid Calling
  • Paging Call/Contact Center Applications
  • Text To Speech
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Custom Applications

Create custom phone based applications with Sigma Systems’ IVR platform. This platform allows businesses to create ‘dial in’ applications for both customers and employees. These applications consist of a series of IVR menus which can be navigated with a standard phone dial-pad. This provides a great way for customers and employees to quickly and easily find information over the phone, sign in to an account, update records, and more.

Alternatively, your business may choose to have custom IVR applications created by Cyclix Networks. These applications can then be hosted in the cloud by Cyclix Networks, allowing your business to access advanced IVR applications without the need for purchasing a full Sigma server.

Popular Uses

In the past, clients have used Sigma Systems to create a variety of useful applications. Some of these applications include:

  • University Help Desk Services
  • Nationwide Mall Information Services
  • Field Personnel Protection Plan

These are just a few of the possibilities when working with the Sigma Systems IVR platform. Ultimately, the possibilities for call routing and control are only limited by your imagination when working with Sigma Systems.

SIP Service For Sigma

Sigma Services will function with any SIP-Trunking carrier. However, it is designed to be “plug and play” with the Cyclix N+ network.

With Sigma on N+ experience true 99.999% up-time. All VoIP services provided by Cyclix Networks are built on top of our redundant ‘N+ Network’.

Designed for reliability, the N+ Network hasn’t experienced a single outage since its introduction in 2009. This means your team can stay focused and productive – even when business gets hectic. 

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Sigma Systems

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