Tangent is a managed VoIP gateway and session border controller designed to be used in conjunction with any PBX and Cyclix Networks’ SIP Trunking services. Tangent offers a few key features to SIP Trunking users such as:

  • Quality of Service- Tangent™ will be able to distinguish between VoIP traffic, and enterprise bulk traffic, and thus give priority to the real-time VoIP traffic. This results in clear and concise phones calls over the shared broadband IP circuit, even when that circuit becomes busy and congested with other non-real-time IP bulk traffic.
  • Firewall Traversal- every site deploying VoIP is different, with a different firewall and firewall configuration found at that site. Configuring firewalls to correctly allow for VoIP traffic can be a difficult task. Tangent solves this dilemma by acting as a special firewall for VoIP, and so negating the need to pass the VoIP through the corporate firewall.
  • Security- VoIP is plagued by VoIP fraud; i.e. the Black-Hats breaking into a clients VoIP system, and then using it to launch fraudulent proxied calls. Tangent™ solves this by allowing SIP signaling to occur only to and from the client and Cyclix switching POPs in the cloud. This results in shutting the Black-Hats out from doing any illicit SIP signaling to the clients SIP device, and so protecting the client for IP fraud at his premise.
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Retrofit Old Systems

For businesses that have not yet made the switch to a VoIP based telephone system, Tangent offers a simple solution. Businesses can integrate Tangent into their current TDM PBX system to make use of VoIP SIP trunking services while retaining their analog phone infrastructure. This means businesses can experience the benefits of a modern VoIP phone system without having to pay for the upfront costs of upgrading their phone infrastructure.

service you can rely on

Experience true 99.999% up-time. All VoIP services provided by Cyclix Networks are built on top of our redundant ‘N+ Network’. Designed for reliability, the N+ Network hasn’t experienced a single outage since its introduction in 2009. This means your team can stay focused and productive – even when business gets hectic. 

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